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About Us

Tact Coach was established in 1998 with the objective of offering a different manufacturing solution to the blooming bus / coach transportation market. We at Tact Coach separates ourselves from our peers by offering a boutique, custom-made solution in bus manufacturing / coach manufacturing for all our trusted clients.


Let it be bus manufacturing, bus repairs, bus maintenance, seat cushions, we trust in providing only the best service and solution for all our clients. Tact Coach also provides great service in bus accident repairs, offering fast and secured bus repairs. As our bus factory is situated in Penang, we have been serving several esteemed clients whose buses have suffered bus accidents around the Northern region.

Since 1998, we have built our own manufacturing factories in Penang, Malaysia with extensive facilities and tools  to best equip our mechanics to build not only aesthetically stunning buses but also of high safety assurance.

We also trust in the core value of continuous innovation to ensure that each and every bus coach is designed and manufactured in its own unique way. 

Today, Tact Coach has developed into a well known passenger bus coaches manufacturing company with a comprehensive portfolio of passenger bus designed and manufactured. We have since also expanded our portfolio to include bus kilang manufacture, bus sekolah manufacture etc.

Our vision moving forward is to continue creating tidal waves of development in this niche industry of bus manufacturing and repairs. We may be a boutique factory but it is precisely because of that, that we are able to provide each and every of our clients with the best service and tailor made solution.

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